Monday, March 7, 2011

Muc Su Khanh Huynh

 Video Messages (Vienamese/English)


Healing Workshop 2/11/11

Supernatural Christian (Quyền Năng Chúa trên bàn tay)

God grew out Trinh Le's leg!
Pastor Khanh Huynh commands Trinh's right leg to grow in the name of Jesus. You can see it gow out in front of your eyes! Sooo... amazing!!!

Trinhs gives her testimony  

More Video Messages  by Khanh Huynh
This link connects you with all the video and audio sermons at Vietnamese Baptist Church. Pastor Khanh will be in the "Video Sermons" section.

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Voice From Heaven

Several years ago, I had a dream. I was standing on the sands of the California coast. I Look towards the ocean and saw a giant tsunami coming and ran away from the coast. the scene was gloomy. I saw four young adults coming towards me. I recognized one of them as a pastor's son from a church in California. I watched as the Tsunami came and swept them away. Suddenly, the heavens opened. Light came through and a voice spoke to me from the light. It was the Father! He said, "I Am going to use you to change the life of the church!" I did not know how to respond because I felt so unworthy of such a task.
I believe the Church is not prepared for the hour that is coming. The tsunami speaks of both the great move of God and the terrible judgments at the same time. It will be Great for those who love him and terrible for those who reject Him. The Lord is Changing the face of the church in order to prepare her for the our that is coming. As sin escalates in the earth, and creation itself groans, the Glory of the Lord will be seen more than any other time in human history, far more then the generation of Moses and the generation of apostles in the book of acts combined, on a global level. Who will be able to stand connected with God? Will you be a voice, not just an echo. One who hears from heaven and speaks with clarity and boldness.