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Video Messages - Stephen Nguyen

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I was a hardened criminal who's dream was to someday be a gang boss. I had been shot, stabbed, and left to die many times. Jesus appeared to me in a dream at the end of my third year in prison and asked me, "Where have you come from and where are you going?" When I looked into His eyes his love pierced my heart! This testimony has led many to Christ. Please tag this to your friends!

One Thing Son 4:9 says, "you have ravished my heart with one glance of your eyes." What if we locked eyes with the Man who's eyes are aflame with the fire of love? Luke 10:42 - But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her." What was it about Mary of Bethany that made Jesus weep? (John 11:35) Here we see Him not just as a man who can raise the dead, but a God who weeps with his close friends!

Relationship Vs Religion The counterfeit kingdom called "religion" is the tare, that looks exactly like the wheat, but has a poisonous seed! A religious spirit is a demon that seeks to substitute religious activities for the power of the Holy spirit in our lives. (2Tim 3:5). (People tell me this message has been an eye opener for them).
Humility: "To this one will I look" God want’s to exalt you, He just doesn’t want you to exalt yourself.  Meekness draws God’s favor. The only character trait that Jesus declared about Himself was that He was meek and lowly of heart! This has to be our greatest pursuit before ministry, influence, gifts, or anointing!

The fire of love (Son 8:6) Set Me as a seal upon your heart...Will you call upon Me to release the seal of fire upon your heart, the very flames that are in My Heart, so you can burn with supernatural love for Me the way I burn with love for you?"  This is what you were made for!

Day of the Lord: Calling Forth the Mighty Ones  I had a dream that the antichrist was in power and I was taken to a room to be interrogated. The thought that I could be killed for not denying Christ began to haunt me.  Music: The Lord shall go forth like a warrior

Grace and Legalism The lord says"I Am the reason why I love you!" I am infinitly committed to you. You can not stir me to love you more by your performance, because I already love you with all my heart. My burning desire for you is initiated within my own heart, it’s not provoke by you!"  Much of the body of Christ is still bound in the "prison" of legalism but they don't know. This truth might shock you! 

Dark But Lovely: Grace and Beauty
Sol 1:5 I am dark (weak flesh) but lovely. He loves and enjoys me in my weakness and in my struggles. My love is weak but my love is real! Though my flesh is weak, my spirit is willing. His commitment to love and pursue me come from within His own heart, not because of my commitment or my performance. Prophetic song: I Love You

Eph 6:12  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 

God is love. Christianity is about recieving love and giving it away. Are you comfortable with love? If youre not comfortable with love you're not comfortable with God. Are you comfortable with affection.  Can you embrace your love ones and look them in the eyes and say I love you and feel the tenderness in your heart? Prophetic song: I love you 

Holiness: Encountering God's Pleasures We were made to experience pleasure and be fascinated. These are longings of every human heart which we can not repent of, and can only be fully fulfilled in God. The enemy has many counterfeits. Living holy is not a drudgery but it prepares us to experience the greatest and most superior pleasures in the human experience. When God reveals God to our inner man!

You are Stunning to God!I went to sleep asking the Lord for a message for Friday. I woke up from a dream hearing myself saying, "how do I look?" An audible voice answered, "you are stunning to God!" I am beutiful and He really likes me, in my weakness and in my struggles. He's not waiting for me to get it all right, then He'll enjoy me. He has burning desire for me while I'm in the procsess!

I had asked the Lord for a message before bed and woke up with this dream: In my dream, i saw a generation swimming in a dirty man-made lake. I went for swim and a hand pushed me under. If i did not fight for my life, i would of drowned in this water!

The Holy Spirit Jesus said,"I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth. Wait a minute! The third person of the trinity will make Jesus and His sayings more real to them then Jesus himself, who lived with them for over 3 years?

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aradhana said...

iam soo happy by reading ur testimony

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Anonymous said...

Jesus is the answer to whatever problems we facing. I was trapped in a relationship with the son of satan. A man who hated God and blasphemy against the Holy spirit. I felt like i was drowning but Jesus was always their guiding me and protecting me. He remove the scales from my eyes and i finally reach out my hands to him and he delivers me. God has the power to change any circumstances.

mr. sarwar alam said...

Nice pic brother.

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Voice From Heaven

Several years ago, I had a dream. I was standing on the sands of the California coast. I Look towards the ocean and saw a giant tsunami coming and ran away from the coast. the scene was gloomy. I saw four young adults coming towards me. I recognized one of them as a pastor's son from a church in California. I watched as the Tsunami came and swept them away. Suddenly, the heavens opened. Light came through and a voice spoke to me from the light. It was the Father! He said, "I Am going to use you to change the life of the church!" I did not know how to respond because I felt so unworthy of such a task.
I believe the Church is not prepared for the hour that is coming. The tsunami speaks of both the great move of God and the terrible judgments at the same time. It will be Great for those who love him and terrible for those who reject Him. The Lord is Changing the face of the church in order to prepare her for the our that is coming. As sin escalates in the earth, and creation itself groans, the Glory of the Lord will be seen more than any other time in human history, far more then the generation of Moses and the generation of apostles in the book of acts combined, on a global level. Who will be able to stand connected with God? Will you be a voice, not just an echo. One who hears from heaven and speaks with clarity and boldness.